Carpet steam cleaning is a professional method of soil extraction from deep within the carpet fibre that ensures maximum quality and sustainability. This is the most superior type of carpet cleaning as it is steam cleaning, not just moisture cleaning. 
Unlike your common DIY carpet cleaner, carpet steam cleaning ensures complete extraction of the chemical applied to the carpet & extraction of the 'steam' used to clean it. This means that minimal water is left behind with faster drying times & better results for a longer duration of time.

We offer a range of packages to suit your needs & budget - for both private clients & commercial properties. 
We do general carpet steam cleaning for freshen ups, end of lease carpet cleaning for bond requirements & larger jobs for local schools, government buildings, hospitals, pre-schools, surgeries & motels.

What else do we professionally clean?:
  • Upholstery
  • Mattresses
  • Rugs

The Outcome Of OUR Services To Your Carpet:
  • Long term damage to your carpet is decreased
  • Carpet life cycle increases
  • Carpet smells & looks new (deodorised and fresh)
  • Our methods remove harmful particles from the fibres in the carpet that can impact the health of humans & animals
  • Removes dust, dirt’s & stains
  • Helps prevent mould growth in your property
  • Faster drying time 

What you might not know:
  •  Carpet cleaning quotes depend on many variables including:
        * type of carpet
        * size of carpet
        * type of stain
        * access to property
        * location
  • Supermarket like carpet cleaning products can contain elements of bleach which can change the colour of your carpet and create more  damage.
  • Stains that are acid based have the potential to burn your carpet if left untreated.
  • Constant movement of furniture on carpet can create permanent friction burns.
  • Movement of wooden furniture onto wet carpet can create lacquer stains to carpet.
  • You should always call a carpet steam cleaning technician to remove a stain as soon as it occurs.


  • -Rotary Powered Carpet Agitation Scrubber:
Our technicians use a rotary powered carpet agitation scrubber that ensures deep steam cleaning into the fibres. This allows the solids to be brushed and sucked out of the carpet into our high performance truck mount waste tank.
  • Drying Fans:
2 x drying fans are used once the first room is cleaned. This device increases the drying time of the carpet, also allowing no odour or bacteria to grow (prestige package)
  • Carpet Rake:
This tool is used after the carpet steam cleaning which ensures the carpet pile to stand up to enhance drying time and overall appearance of the carpet (prestige package)
  • Deodorise:
At a small additional fee, we offer to deodorise the carpet to give it a fresh scent

Additional Services: IICRC Advanced Stain Removal

  • Chewing Gum Removal:
Spot cleaned, extracted and removed using high performance chemicals.
  • Urine Decontamination/Odour:
Did you know, when you smell urine in your carpet it is not actually the urine that causes the odour, it is the harmful bacteria ‘amino’ that grows within urine. These bacteria need to be decontaminated with anti-microbial to kill the bacteria and odour.
  • Stain Removal:
Yellow, pink, green, red and other coloured stains may need additional cleaning. To do so, the technicians must use a method known as ‘heat transfer’. Using a towel, correct chemical and a steamer at boiling point, the heat transfers the stain into the towel, leaving your carpets spot free and refreshed. Please note that stains are more likely to be removed within a short time of them being created.
  • Cordial Removal:
Our technicians are able to remove cordial stains on carpet using boiling hot water and the correct chemicals to lift the stain out of the fibres into a disposable towel.
  • Red Wine Removal:
In order to remove red wine, it is important that the PH levels are balanced. Our technicians are trained in this removal and guarantee maximum quality results.
  • Coffee/Tea:
Our technicians use protein spotters and tanning spotters to remove these stains.
  • Vomit stains:
Our technicians use anti-microbial and high alkaline to remove the bacteria and stain caused by vomit.
  • Orange Juice:
Our technicians use high alkaline and protein spotters to remove orange juice from carpet.
  • Paint Splatter:
To remove this stain, we use non-volatile solvents.